High expectations collapsedThe Vinstra/Otta prospects are located on the eastern flank of the Mandal High. Trym was discovered in 1990, and the plan for development and operation (PDO) was approved in 2010. Trym produces gas and condensate from Middle and Upper Jurassic sandstone in the Bryne and Sandnes Formations. The reservoir is in the same salt structure as the Danish field Lulita. Recoverable reserves originally were 40 MMboe (mostly gas).

High expectations collapsed

MOL Norge and license partners Lundin and Wintershall DEA, had high expectations for 3/7-11 S well, drilling the Vinstra/Otta prospect on the Mandal High close to the Danish maritime border. This is their second attempt in this area, after the Driva/Oppdal failure.

Both prospects are dry, according to an NPD press release.

The primary exploration target was to prove petroleum in reservoir rocks in the Permian Rotliegende Gp in the Vinstra prospect. The results are pessimist, as no reservoir rocks were encountered in the Rotliegende group.

The secondary target was to test the reservoir properties and hydrocarbon potential of the Middle Jurassic sandstones in the Otta prospect. Here, the well encountered thin, mainly tight sandstone layers with indications of petroleum (upper part of the Vestland group).

Vinstra is interpreted as a huge 4-way dip closure (ca 400 square km) at Rotliegend level. Despite the excellent new seismic data, where a flat event has been identified and interpreted as the OWC, the reservoir is missing.

The prospects had a high volume potential of more than 555 MMboe.

North Sea Exploration Potential. Illustration Lundin Norge