UKCS: Lyon is DrySource: UK OGA

UKCS: Lyon is Dry

Disappointing results came in regarding exploration well 208/02-1 on the Lyon Prospect, located West of Shetland.

The purpose of the well was to test both a new play concept and an extensive seismic amplitude anomaly with attributes characteristic of gas accumulations. The amplitude anomaly was identified within the Tertiary Flett sandstones which have been deposited along the edge of the volcanic Erlend High. The prospect geometry was partly structural and partly a stratigraphic pinch-out.

The target reservoir was Eocene Balder-Flett aged sandstone and the key risk was reservoir presence and quality. The well encountered, in the target zone, 44 m of siltstone and claystone with gas shows, but the well did not encounter reservoir quality sandstone.

Lyon is a gas prospect estimated to contain 1-3 trillion cubic feet recoverable according to Siccar Point. The P1854 partnership includes Siccar Point (33.34%, operator) and Ineos (66.66%). The dry well follows another unfortunate result from Siccar Point Energy, with Blackrock being classified as non-commercial. Siccar Point’s top management is still confident in the prospectivity of the area and affirms that the company will continue exploration in the region and participate in upcoming license rounds on the UKCS.