UKCS: i3 Energy hits oil at SerenityTop Captain Sand Depth Map. Souce: i3 Energy

UKCS: i3 Energy hits oil at Serenity

Serenity 13/23c-10 well was successfully drilled, with preliminary well results that are consistent with i3 Energy's pre-drill estimate of 197 MMbbls STOIIP for the entire structural closure.

The well was drilled down-dip from the Repsol Sinopec operated Tain discovery and encountered a sequence of Early Cretaceous Captain and Coracle sands with oil confirmed in the interval from 1444 m TVDSS to as deep as 1600 m TVDSS.

Inline section over Serenity. Source: i3 Energy

The oil-water contact is estimated to be at 1606 m TVDSS based on pressure measurements, the same level as seen in the Blake and Liberator fields.

Pressure measurements Blake-Tain area. Source: i3 Energy

The interval contained circa 103 m MD, 50 m TVD of sand in total, with oil in the uppermost Captain sand and in the Coracle sands at the base of the interval, and, if connected to the Tain field as i3 anticipates, represents a mapped oil column of approximately 190 m TVD in the Captain sand alone.

Crossline section over Tain. Source: i3 Energy

The net oil interval in the Captain sand was circa 3 m of high porosity (30%) sand and thicker than in the up-dip Tain discovery consistent with i3 Energy’s expectation that the Captain sands thicken to the west in Serenity (as demonstrated by the circa 15 m of sand seen in the offset 13/23a-7A well situated to the west of Serenity).

Closure and Reservoir facies, showing that in the northern wells the Captain sand starts just below the Rodby Formation, and it’s represented by a series of different stacked sands separated by several shale intervals. Source: i3 Energy

Reservoir quality is expected to be equivalent to that seen in the Tain wells, one of which (13/23b-5Z) tested at an estimated 2750 bopd from a 1.5 m interval in the Captain sand.

Oil samples to be recovered from the downhole sampling tool are expected to be of similar quality to the 32° API oil found in the Tain field. The preliminary results, subject to further analysis, are closely in line with the i3 Energy’s expectations and confirm the strong commercial potential of the Serenity area, of which i3 owns 100%.

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