UKCS: Disappointment for Cairn, Success for PremierTolmount Main gas field development. Source: Premier Oil

UKCS: Disappointment for Cairn, Success for Premier

Tolmount East

The 42/28d-14 well located in P1330, Block 42/28d (Premier 50% operated interest) UK Southern Gas Basin, was targeting 38 MMboe (P50 gross resource), in an undrilled area 4 km east of the 88 MMboe Tolmount gas field.

The well penetrated 73 m of gas-bearing high-quality Lower Permian Leman sands with NtG ratio of 71%, porosity of 16% and gas saturation of 82%.

Seismic section over Tolmount and Tolmount East. Source: Premier Oil

The quality and thickness of reservoir sands encountered are at the upper end of expectations and no gas-water contact was penetrated.

This well result also has positive implications for other targets within the Greater Tolmount area, including Tolmount Far East and the Mongour discovery.

Greater Tolmount Area upside potential. Source: Premier Oil

Tolmount East will be tied back to Tolmount to ensure the infrastructure is kept at full capacity. Early concept work has been completed so that an accelerated Tolmount East development could be pursued.

Tolmount East indicative development. Source: Premier Oil

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Cairn, the operator of P2312, has completed drilling of wildcat well 03/17a-3.

Chimera prospect location. Source: Cairn Energy

The objective of the well was to prove hydrocarbons in Paleocene Heimdal Sandstones within the Lista Formation.  The well is dry.

Geological section over Chimera. Source: Cairn Energy

The Chimera prospect was targeting 160 MMboe mean resources.

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