Rødhette could help Goliat – discovery announced

Rødhette could help Goliat – discovery announced

Latest preliminary estimates showing volumes between 9-12 million barrels of recoverable oil equivalents.

The 71226-3S well has come in positively for operator Vår Energi and partners Longboat Energy (20%), Concedo (20%) & Equinor (10%), as the operator just announced in a press release.

Although the preliminary recoverable volumes estimated to be found – 9-12 MMboe – are probably a bit lower than hoped for, the discovery will be considered as a tie-back option to Goliat:

“With the Rødhette result, Vår Energi celebrates a sixth exploration discovery this year, as the exploration team continue a successful 2021 campaign. The licensees will now assess the discovery, as well as maturing other targets in the license and the surrounding area in order to add resources for a future tie-back to Goliat,” says Torger Rød, CEO at Vår Energi.

Rødhette was drilled in PL901 by Scarabeo 8. The well encountered an oil & gas column of about 28 meters in the Jurassic Realgrunnen subgroup within good to moderate reservoir sandstones (1882 meters below sea level).

Longboat Energy, partner in the exploration campaign, estimated a gross volume of 41 MMboe in Rødhette. The preliminary estimates now announced in the press release amount to 22-31 MMboe of hydrocarbon in place.