Pabow was dry

Pabow was dry

The Pabow prospect at the edge of the Stord Basin had the Statfjord Fm as the main target but proved to be dry.

The first exploration well in production licence 870, 25/6-6 S (Pabow), proved to be dry (NPD press release). The Pabow gas prospect was considered to be a large stratigraphic closure with gross unrisked resource of 70-200 MMboe. 

Well 25/6-6 S was drilled on the margin of the Stord Basin northeast of the Utsira High. The prospect was dependant on a deep Triassic source rock.

The primary exploration target for the well was to prove gas in reservoir rocks from the Statfjord group of Early Jurassic Age. The well encountered the Statfjord group with a thickness of about 330 metres, of which 80 metres with reservoir rocks of moderate to good reservoir quality.

The secondary exploration target was to examine reservoir rocks from the Middle Jurassic Hugin formation. The Hugin formation has a thickness of about 45 metres, of which 30 metres with reservoir rocks of good quality.

Pabow prospect location; Source: Faroe Petroleum


26/6-6 S well reservoir targets; Source: Faroe Petroleum

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