Only traces of oil found in the latest Liatårnet appraisal well

Only traces of oil found in the latest Liatårnet appraisal well

In a press release issued by the NPD yesterday, it was announced that the 25/2-22S appraisal well on Liatårnet only proved traces of oil in the Miocene Skade Formation interval, and that sampling of the oil also indicates that it cannot be produced. This must be quite a blow for operator Aker BP, following drilling of well 25/2-21S in 2019 during which a fully oil-stained core from the Liatårnet reservoir was brought to surface.

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However, it was always known that the critical target of the now completed well was to obtain downhole oil samples in order to assess the quality of the hydrocarbons, as the 25/2-21S well had not been able to do this. It must also be added that Liatårnet was already drilled – by accident – in 1986 and that attempts to bring oil to surface failed at the time. This may well have been an indication for the quality of the probably biodegraded and heavy oil in this shallow accumulation.

The fact that well 25/2-22S only found traces of oil rather than a full column is still a bit surprising though, given the location with respect to the well drilled in 2019. It may indicate that the seal – which is thought to be a calcite-cemented sand overlying the reservoir – is less continuous than previously anticipated. Altogether, it seems as if Aker BP will need to go back to the drawing table, if it is decided to even advance with Liatårnet in the first place.