Non-commercial oil in BergandBergand (scaup)

Non-commercial oil in Bergand

Equinor has made a minor oil discovery in well 35/11-22S in the northern North Sea.

Well 35/11-22S on the Bergand prospect was drilled in PL 248C west of the Fram field. The well did not find oil in the Middle to Lower Jurassic targets in the Brent Group, the Cook Formation or the Statfjord Group. The oil discovery was made in the Middle to Upper Jurassic Heather Formation.

In the Heather Formation, well 35/11-22 S encountered a 30m thick sandstone-dominated unit of which 15 metres of effective reservoir rocks, mainly with moderate reservoir quality. Oil was proven, but the oil/water contact was not encountered. The size of the accumulation is estimated between 0.2 and 0.7 million scm recoverable oil (1.3 to 4.4 mm barrels of oil), which is not considered profitable.

This adds to another small technical discovery Equinor made last year in the Heather Formation in well 35/10-4A (Stålull) a bit further to the north in PL 630 (“Teknisk funn på Stålull”).

The original targets of the well are all water-wet.

The Brent Group has a thickness of about 190 metres, of which 90 metres of effective reservoir rocks with moderate reservoir quality. The thickness of the Cook Formation is about 70 metres, of which 50 metres of effective reservoir rocks with poor to moderate reservoir quality. The Statfjord group has a thickness of about 130 metres, of which 60 metres of reservoir rocks with poor reservoir quality.

Equinor is operator of Pl 248C (30% WI) with partners Petoro (40%) and Wellesley (30%).

Location of well 35/11-22S, PL 248C in the northern North Sea (Map NPD)

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