No reservoir, no biogenic gasTransocean Arctic

No reservoir, no biogenic gas

Well 35/4-1 drilled by Wellesley on the Songesand prospect in the northern North Sea is dry.

Wellesley Petroleum was chasing biogenic gas in Songesand in PL 931 in the northern North Sea together with partner DNO. The target of well 35/4-2 was to prove gas in sandstones of the Pliocene intra Naust Formation. The well did not find any reservoir. A sequence of mudstones and siltstones in the intra Naust Formation was encountered with some traces of gas at the top.

Lithostratigraphic chart of the North Sea with intra-Naust sandstones on the Tampen Spur (NPD)

Location of well 35/4-2 in PL931 just east of the Tampen Spur (map GeoPlayground)

Read here the NPD press release.

Wellesley will now move on to drill their next well 25/1-13 (Balcom) in PL 871 in the central North Sea.