NCS: Oil and gas discovery in Mol Norge’s Evra/Iving wellMap:

NCS: Oil and gas discovery in Mol Norge’s Evra/Iving well

The wells proved hydrocarbons in the Skagerrak Fm, but the primary targets disappointed. Hydrocarbons were also found from the Eocene and down into the basement.

The 25/8-19 S & A (Evra/Iving) wells proved oil and gas for operator Mol Norge and partners Lundin, Wintershall DEA and Pandion in PL 820 S.

According to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), the primary exploration targets disappointed. No injectite sandstone was encountered in the Eocene or Palaeocene (Evra) with the 25/8-19 S, the appraisal well 25/8-19 A found thin gas and oil-bearing sandstone layers (injectites), totalling 8 metres with very good reservoir quality in the Eocene with a two-metre oil column.

Iving was also found to be water-bearing in both wells, with sandstone layers totalling about 45 metres with good to very good reservoir quality were encountered in the Nansen Formation, confirmed by the appraisal well.

However, several of the secondary targets delivered: The 25/8-19 S well results proved hydrocarbons in the Heimdal Formation, the Lower Jurassic Eriksson Formation and in the Late Triassic Skagerrak Formation, and in a weathered and partly fractured basement.

The well encountered thin oil-bearing sandstone layers totalling 7 metres with good to very good reservoir quality in the Palaeocene Heimdal Formation.

Oil-bearing sandstones totalling 6 metres with very good to extremely good reservoir quality were encountered in the Eiriksson Formation with the 25/8-19 S but was found water wet in the appraisal well.

A 34-metre gas column in sandstone with moderate to good reservoir quality above an oil column of minimum 45 metres in sandstones with good to poor reservoir quality was proven in the Skagerrak Formation. These sandstones total 22 metres within the gas and oil column, according to the NPD. The appraisal well test revealed moderate flow properties in this formation. The oil/water contact was not encountered.

The basement was penetrated under a basal conglomerate and was found oil-bearing with a minimum column of 41 metres, but with poor to tight reservoir quality. The appraisal well also confirmed oil-bearing basement, but with a poor reservoir quality. No oil/water contact was proven in the basement.

Preliminary estimates are given only for the Skagerrak Formation, between 13 and 70 MMboe. The license will continue to evaluate the other hydrocarbon-bearing levels.