NCS: Nipa is dryPL986 and 30/12-2 well location. Source: Wellesley Petroleum

NCS: Nipa is dry

The well encountered the targeted reservoirs in the Middle Jurassic Tarbert and Ness formations but no hydrocarbons were found.

The NPD reports that Aker BP ASA has concluded the drilling of wildcat well 30/12-2 (Nipa) on the Bjørgvin Arch next to the Stord Basin. This is the first exploration well in this license, which was awarded in APA 2018.

Geological elements Norwegian North Sea. Source: NPD CO2 storage ATLAS NCS

The objective of the well was to prove petroleum in Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks, the Tarbert and Ness formation.

Lithostratigraphic chart of the North Sea. Source: NPD CO2 storage ATLAS NCS

Well 30/12-2 encountered the Tarbert formation with a thickness of about 95 m, of which 20 m was aquiferous reservoir rocks with moderate reservoir quality.

The Ness formation came in with about 65 m, with 35 m of aquiferous reservoir rock with moderate reservoir quality.

According to Aker BP, predrill resource estimates were between 35 – 115 MMboe.