NCS: OMV confirms gas discoverySource: Pixabay

NCS: OMV confirms gas discovery

OMV Norge will soon complete drilling the appraisal well 6506/11-11 S on the Iris gas/condensate discovery, already announcing the success.

Iris discovery (6506/11-10) was proven in 2018 in the Middle Jurassic Garn formation. Before the drilling of appraisal 6506/11-11 S, the operator’s recoverable resource estimate for the discovery was between 20 and 130 million barrels oil equivalent.

Iris appraisal well location. Source: NPD

The primary exploration target for the well was to delineate the gas/condensate discovery in the Garn formation towards the southwest, reduce the uncertainty linked to the resource estimate, and conduct a formation test.

The secondary objective of the well was to investigate whether there is petroleum present in the underlying Middle Jurassic Ile formation.

Geosection with the location of the Hades/Iris discovery and appraisal well. Source: Faroe Petroleum

The well encountered a gas column totalling around 70 m in the Garn formation, of which about 50 m of sandstone with reservoir properties varying from poor to good.

Preliminary estimates place the size of the discovery in the Garn formation between 25 and 75 million barrels oil equivalent.

Multiple sandstone layers were encountered with moderate to good reservoir quality totalling about 55 m in the Ile formation, which is aquiferous.

Two successful formation tests were carried out in the Garn formation. The maximum production rate was 1.6 million Sm3 gas and 885 Sm3 condensate per flow day.

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