NCS: Korpfjell Deep is drySource: NPD

NCS: Korpfjell Deep is dry

Wildcat 7335/3-1 located close to Korpfjell gas discovery found no hydrocarbons in the targeted Triassic reservoirs.

The primary exploration target for the Korpfjell Deep prospect was the Early Triassic upper and lower Havert Fm reservoir. The well encountered mainly tight sand intervals.

The secondary target was the Middle to Late Triassic Snadd and Kobbe Fm. The sand intervals in the Snadd were of poor reservoir quality, while in Kobbe the sandy zones, throughout 125 m, were tight.

Some thin sandstone layers in the Triassic revealed traces of gas.

The Realgrunnen subgroup (Late Triassic to Middle Jurassic) was not an exploration target for the well, but around 170 m of sandstone reservoir of moderate to good quality were proven.

This is the second exploration well drilled by Equinor on the Haapet Dome, after the 7435/12-1 gas discovery.

The well is dry.