NCS: JK prospect dryThe JK prospect is located on a low relief structure on the Utsira High north of Johan Sverdrup.

NCS: JK prospect dry

Regrettably, Aker BP's promising JK prospect in the North Sea did not encounter hydrocarbons.

In spite of high expectations, the JK prospect turned out to be a huge disappointment for Aker BP and partners (Equinor, Lundin, Petoro). Well 25/11-29 S, the first exploration well in PL916, was targeting the reservoir rocks in the Statfjord Gp and Heimdal Fm.

The JK prospect lies between Balder/Grane andd Lille Prinsen/Johan Sverdrup on the Utsira High.

Before drilling, Aker BP expected to find between 100 and 420 MMboe that potentially could represent a stand-alone development.

JK is part of Lundin’s drilling campaign on Utsira High core exploration area (together with Jørvik/Tellus East in PL338, Evra/Iving in PL820S, Goddo in PL815, Enniberg and Hasselbaink in PL917) and had estimated reserves of 243 MMboe for JK.

NCS Exploration 2019: May 21-22 2019, Fornebu, Oslo

The well was drilled on the Utsira High, about 14 kilometres south of the Grane field.

The primary exploration target for well 25/11-29 S was to prove oil in reservoir rocks of Early Jurassic age in the Statfjord Gp. Well 25/11-29 S encountered the Statfjord group with a thickness of about 100 metres, of which 65 metres is reservoir rocks with good reservoir quality.

The secondary exploration target was to prove oil in reservoir rocks of Paleocene age in the Heimdal Fm, but the formation was not present.

2019 Prospective Resources. Source: Lundin