NCS: Equinor hits double jackpot

NCS: Equinor hits double jackpot

Wildcat 6507/3-13 drilled SW of the Norme field encountered both oil and gas in the two Cretaceous target reservoir.

The Snadd Outer Outer prospect was targeting the reservoir rocks from the Late Cretaceous Lysing Fm. The well encountered the Lysing Fm of about 25 m, with a gas column of about 5 m and with variation from poor to good reservoir quality.

The exploration target in the Black Vulture prospect was the reservoir rocks from the Early Cretaceous Lange Fm. Oil and gas were encountered in sandstone layers of about 25 m, of which 14 m net sandstone with moderate reservoir properties.

Snadd Outer wildcat well. Source: Equinor

Preliminary estimates of the size of the discovery in the Lysing Fm are between 2 – 12 MMboe and in the Lange Fm between 1 – 50 MMboe.

Due to technical problems, drilling was interrupted, and the delineation of the Lange Fm discovery was not finalised. Therefore the estimated recoverable volumes for this reservoir caries considerable uncertainties.

Snadd Outer Outer/Black Vulture prospect drilled on the Nordland Ridge follows the 2018 Cape Vulture discovery, highlighting the potential and prospectivity of the Cretaceous reservoirs in this area.