NCS: ConocoPhillips hits hydrocarbons at BustaBusta well location. Source: NPD

NCS: ConocoPhillips hits hydrocarbons at Busta

The well encountered oil-bearing sandstone layers in the Jurassic Draupne Formation. Preliminary estimates place the size of the discovery between 6.3 and 63 MMboe.

The primary and secondary targets for 25/7-7 well (Busta prospect) were to prove petroleum in Upper Jurassic Intra-Draupne and Heather Formation sandstones, respectively.

Lithostratigraphic chart of the North Sea. Source: NPD

In the primary exploration target, the well encountered two separate gas/condensate and oil-bearing intervals, with sandy layers in the Draupne Formation totalling about 25 m with reservoir properties varying from poor to very good.

Thin water-bearing siltstone layers were encountered in the secondary exploration target in the Heather Formation.

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