NCS: Another miss for Capricorn Norge6508/1-3 well location. Source: NPD

NCS: Another miss for Capricorn Norge

Despite an excellent reservoir, the target proved to hold no hydrocarbons at Lynghaug well in the Norwegian Sea.

Well 6508/1-3, drilled about 6 km southeast of the Norne field, is dry.

The target was the Lower Jurassic Åre Fm reservoir. The well encountered 170 m of alternating layers of sandstone, claystone and coal, of which a total of approx. 50 m of sandstone with very good reservoir quality. No traces of oil were identified in the reservoir.

6508/1-3 well is part of Cairn Energy’s drilling campaign for UK and Norway, where four wells are programmed to be drilled in 2019: Presto (NCS, dry), Lynghaug (NCS, estimated 70 MMboe, dry), Godalen (NCS, estimated 90MMboe), Chimera (UKCS, estimated 160 MMboe).

Cairn Energy 2019 drilling program. Source: Cairn