First operated wildcat for OKEAOKEA is cuurently drilling two wells in order to prove additional reserves for Draugen.

First operated wildcat for OKEA

OKEA spudded 6407/9-12 (Skumnisse) on October 16. The purpose is to test the Upper Jurassic Rogn Fm for additional oil in a possible extension of the Draugen field to the northeast.

A few days later OKEA also spudded 6407/9-11 (Infill Ø), by moving the drilling rig to the new location, that is located on the very top of the Draugen structure.

The reservoir lies at a depth of approximately 1,600 metres.

NCS Exploration Strategy, November 20-21, Stavanger

OKEA is drilling the two wells in 3 phases.

First, the 36’’ section to 320 metres, then a 12 ¼’’ pilot hole before setting 9 5/8’’ casing shoe, and finally an8 1/2” open hole section to TD at approximately 1750 metres.

The drilling is being live-streamed meaning that we can observe the progress of the well continuously.

Monday evening, Infill Ø had reached 1054,4 metres, presumably making ready for setting casing.

Before that, Skumnisse had also been drilled to 1050 metres and 9 5/8’’ casing shoe had been set.

Following this operation, the rig will run BOP before continuing to drill 8 ½ ‘’ hole to TD.