Drilling campaign around FroskAlvheim area @Aker BP

Drilling campaign around Frosk

Aker BP has started drilling the Froskelår well in the Alvheim area.

Operator Aker BP has spudded well 24/9-14S, Froskelår Main in PL 869 next to the Frosk discovery from 2018. Frosk proved 50 mmboe of oil in sand injectites in the Hordaland Group and exceeded the pre-drill estimate of 3-21mmboe. A multilateral production and appraisal well is planned in 2019 Aker BP announced in its capital market day presentation. Follow-up potential will be tested in 2019 as well.

Frosk and follow-up potential in the Alvheim area (Figure Lundin)

The follow-up potential includes the Froskelår prospect which is in the process of being drilled now. Aker BP estimates it to contain 45 to 153 mmboe and partner Lundin 92mmboe. Froskelår is part of the same injectite complex as the Frosk discovery and therefore the chance of success is considered high.

Geological sketch through the Froskelår injectite complex (Figure Aker BP)

The other wells in the 2019 drilling schedule are Rumpetroll (well 24/9-13) and Froskelår NE. Rumpetroll will test another sand injectite complex near the Frosk discovery. It has a large upside potential with estimated predrill resources of 45 to 148 mmboe (93mmboe according to Lundin).

Seismic section through the Rumpetroll prospect (Figure Aker BP)

Aker BP has an extensive exploration drilling program for 2019 with 15 planned exploration wells. The main part of the wells will be drilled in the North Sea, 3 exploration wells in the Norwegian Sea and Gjøkåsen in the Barents Sea (read also “High risk, high reward”) by operator Equinor which has currently halted drilling operations due to a well control incident.

Exploration wells to be drilled by Aker BP in 2019 (figure Aker BP)