Does the boundary of Fleming need to be re-drawn?

Does the boundary of Fleming need to be re-drawn?

Based on the very low pressure reported in Jerv, it seems reasonable to include the area into the UK Fleming field outline.

This morning, the NPD released preliminary results of the 15/12-25 (Jerv) well recently completed by Chrysaor.

As we already reported on a couple of weeks ago, the biggest risk for the well was pressure depletion because the Maureen sandstone prospect is the same as the reservoir in the Fleming field just south of the UK-Norway median line. Fleming has already produced 218 MMboe since it started producing in 1997. Production is currently at 3490 boe/d according to the OGA website.

Now it turned out that the pressure measurements suggest a heavily depleted reservoir indeed. With only between 6 and 12 MMboe recoverable left, separate development is not justified according to the NPD. This makes a strong case to suggest that the Jerv prospect is a northern extension of the Fleming field.

Cross-border reservoirs

It will be interesting to follow the discussion around this matter, as it probably means that the operators and partners in the Fleming development have extracted hydrocarbons from the Norwegian Continental Shelf without the field outline reflecting this situation.

With more cross border prospects and discoveries to be drilled in the near future such as the Triassic Edinburgh prospect further south, Jerv is certainly an interesting case.