Chasing biogenic gasTransocean Arctic

Chasing biogenic gas

Wellesley Petroleum has spudded well 35/4-2 on the Songesand prospect.

Wellesley Petroleum has started drilling the Songesand prospect in PL931 (Wellesley 60%, DNO 40%) in the northern North Sea.

Location of well 35/4-2 in PL931

The target for well 35/4-2 is the Pliocene play according to partner DNO. Wellesley states in their application to the Norwegian Environment Agency that it expects to find biogenic gas (methane) in the Songesand prospect. The well will be drilled to a depth of 944m TVD and will take only 18 days in case of a dry hole and 41 days in case of discovery. Then a DST will be done to confirm commercial volumes of hydrocarbons and evaluation of the reservoir quality.