60 to 130MMboe in Froskelår MainPhoto NPF

60 to 130MMboe in Froskelår Main

Aker BP has completed the sidetrack 24/9-14A on the Froskelår Main oil and gas discovery.

Last month Aker BP announced the Froskelår oil and gas discovery (“oil and gas in Froskelår”) in well 24/9-14S in PL869 next to the Frosk discovery.

Location of Froskelår Main and prospectivity in PL 869 (Figure Lundin)

The main wellbore 24/9-14S encountered a gas column of 30 m, and an oil column of 38 m in the Hordaland group in sandstone injectites of 35 m thick, mainly with very good to excellent reservoir properties. The sandstones are interpreted as being remobilised sand from the Heimdal and Hermod formations in the Palaeocene which are injected into the overlying Hordaland group. The gas/oil contact was observed in the well. The oil/water contact was not observed, as the logs showed an oil down to situation.

A technical horizontal side-track was drilled to test the lateral extent of the injectite complex and its reservoir properties. According to Øyvind Husby from Aker BP thinner dikes and sills of injected sands and more injection breccias were expected in the side-track.

Well 24/9-14 A encountered several gas-bearing and oil-bearing injectite zones totalling 540 m, with many sandstone layers with variable thickness and variable reservoir properties, mainly from good up to excellent. The gas/oil and oil/water contacts are the same as in the main well.

The size of the discovery is estimated between 60 and 130mm barrels of recoverable oil equivalents. The nearby 24/9-3 (Gamma) oil discovery is seen as part of the discovery as is it is in pressure communication. Part of Froskelår may extend over to the UK sector.

Read the NPD press release here.

Further exploration and appraisal

The Froskelår Main well is part of a drilling campaign in the Alvheim area launched on the back of the exploration success at Frosk in 2018, and more exploration and appraisal wells will follow (read also “Drilling campaign around Frosk”). To appraise the Frosk discovery further an OBN (Ocean Bottom Nodes) survey is planned for 2019 (Read also “More OBS surveys in the North Sea”) and a Frosk test producer.

The Froskelår NE prospect will also be drilled. Since it is part of the same injectite complex as Froskelår it is seen as appraisal rather than exploration. The pre-drill volume estimate is between 7 and 23 mmboe according to Aker BP. The exploration prospect Rumpetroll can contain 45 to 148 mmboe and belongs to a different injectite system.

Seismic section through the Rumpetroll prospect (Figure Aker BP)