The Doyen of Petroleum Geologists

Richard Hardman, geologist by profession, explorationist by heart, has built a successful carrier in international exploration over the past 45 years. His thirst for finding ever more oil and gas has led him to a multitude of geological and cultural environments, and he has left lasting impressions on colleagues in countries like Libya, Kuwait, Colombia and Norway. In the UK, his career encompasses almost the whole of the exploration history of the North Sea.
Richard Hardman will give his Dinner Speech on the first day of the conference “Resent Advances in Exploration Technology” May 20-21 in Oslo.
“Richard Hardman has spent a whole career enthusiastically linking geological insights to petroleum exploration, achieving through his boundless drive and energy, exploration results that have benefited industry and academia even more than the Chancellor of the Exchequer.After 10 years learning the ropes at BP, Richard became from 1969 one of the most conspicuous figures in North Sea oil and gas exploration with Amoco, and latterly Amerada Hess.”
Richard Hardman’s Dinner Speech is entitled “Technology –the Human Dimension”
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