Looking for Moho

SeaBird Exploration is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with MCG to conduct a 6,000km multi-client 2D Deep Imaging Campaign on the NCS, including cross-border lines to UKCS.
The acquiring vessel will tow a single 12,000-meter streamer with a powerful source, to image the oceanic and continental crust, for new conceptual geological understanding and improved interpretation of large-scale tectonics. This leads to an enhanced understanding of the regional geology and may reveal new play models. Harrier Explorer will be used for the project, which is estimated to have a duration of approximately two months.
The survey is cash neutral through pre-funding and cost recovery. The company will be entitled to 50% of all future revenue stemming from sales of the acquired data. With this, Seabird has 3 vessels booked for most of Q3.

Harrier Explorer
Foto: Seabird Exploration