Trøndelag Platform and Helgeland Basin soon ready to be exploredPGS Mid Norway seismic coverage. Source: PGS

Trøndelag Platform and Helgeland Basin soon ready to be explored

PGS has started the acquisition of a 9500 sq. km 3D GeoStreamer survey over new exciting frontier areas in the Norwegian Sea

This massive survey will be the basis of unlocking the significant potential of this highly unexplored area and will allow E&P companies to take smart and cost-effective decisions for exploration, field development and production monitoring.

To maximise data density, the 3D GeoStreamer survey will be acquired with a triple source, and the PSDM will be available in July 2020.

2019 PGS 3D Streamer. Source: PGS

The application of GeoStreamer technology to the Trøndelag Platform will be beneficial for seismic velocity estimation, improving imaging of the Jurassic targets, and providing valuable information about presalt potential in the Permian.

PSDM and velocity model building technology will ensure that the clearest subsurface images are generated. Integrated Complete Wavefield Imaging of GeoStreamer data will allow detailed prospect evaluation and exploration for new plays. The superior AVO compliant dataset will be delivered ready for rigorous rock physics interrogations.