The Danish Energy Agency takes initiative to boost exploration activityDenmark 3D planed survey. Source: ION

The Danish Energy Agency takes initiative to boost exploration activity

A major seismic processing program will take place offshore Denmark in the upcoming years, thereby providing a modern, affordable 3D depth-imaged data set for interested companies.

ION Geophysical announced a new 3D multi-client reimaging program offshore Denmark, covering 10,250 sq. km. The initial phase will cover 2,200 sq. km.

The 3D project is aligned with the Danish Energy Agency’s objective to boost and drive a new wave of exploration activity for the upcoming biannual license rounds, the ninth of which is expected to open in next year.

Denmark 3D provides solutions to imaging challenges associated with the HPHT prospectivity, Chalk-Jurassic interface and new emerging Palaeozoic play types.

The project aims to deliver:

  • Phase 1A/POC- Raw PSDM complete December 2019
  • Phase 1A/POC- Full flow PSDM completion in time January 2020 for the 9th license round
  • Improved imaging over vintage datasets
  • Continuous survey for regional interpretation

Initial deliverables are expected to be available in September 2019 with final deliverables in January 2020.