The Complete Story

The Complete Story

In May, all the major players in the Barents Sea will contribute in an attempt to follow the trails of the oil/gas emplaced in the western Barents Sea

The Western Barents Sea hosts several of the most recent discoveries in the Barents Sea where the petroleum system is considered complex.

In this session at NCS Exploration in May all the major players in the area will contribute their expertise in an attempt to follow the trails of the oil/gas emplaced in the Alta, Gohta and Johan Castberg discovery areas from their original source rocks in the surrounding basins, through their carrier systems into the current reservoirs and ultimately preservation. The Programme is (almost) finalized

Additionally, the session will shed light on understanding the Wisting discovery petroleum system

Rather than a series of conventional presentations, this session will aim at delivering the full story through an interactive series of short presentations that cover a full range of topics that build upon each other and hopefully with contributions from the audience.

Questions tackled range from:

How and when was the oil and gas generated?
How did hydrocarbons find their way to the accumulations and what is the hydrocarbon emplacement story?
How were hydrocarbons preserved in the traps considering structurally complex area?
Contributors to the session come from AkerBP, Equinor, Lundin, OMV, University of Oslo, EMGS, CGG-Robertson, Spectrum, Aurelia Geo and GeoEight.

Alf Ryseth
Helge Løseth
Olaf Thiessen
Carl Watkins
Jon Halvard Pedersen
Tore Amund Svånå
Alexander Hartwig
Robert Pierpont
Jan Inge Faleide
Dag Helland Hansen
Daniel Stoddart
Rolando di Primio
Idar Horstad