TGS and WesternGeco – strong collaboration

TGS and WesternGeco – strong collaboration

TGS and Schlumberger, via WesternGeco, are partnering up to lead the largest multiclient ocean-bottom node (OBN) project in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

The ocean bottom nodes technology is considered a game changer in hydrocarbons E&P, uncovering and developing new reserves and reducing risk in offshore drilling.

This collaboration includes the previously announced 2,350 km2 Amendment Phase 1 project in the Mississippi Canyon and Atwater Valley protraction areas. Phase 1 commenced in early 2019, and data acquisition is expected to complete in Q3 2019.

High quality seismic and geoscience data together with ocean-bottom node data, improved velocity model, full waveform inversion and other processing techniques create a robust technological package attractive for the E&P companies’ operation in GoM to get a higher return on investment and accelerate the pace of unlocking the prize.

The multiclient node projects besides the conventional use, development and time-lapse 4D seismic applications, will now have a significant impact on near-field and greenfield opportunities.