Technology is KeySeismic image with 2D seismic data give insufficient coverage of the subsurface: Illustration: Vetle Vinje, CGG

Technology is Key

The continuous search for the “silver bullet” has proved in vain. Rather, incremental steps and integration pave the way for new discoveries.

Recent advances in exploration technology is for the 3rd time in focus  in the conference NCS Exploration in Fornebu outside Oslo.

However, the emphasis will be on how to apply these advances for the best of geoscientists that are digging deep to find new prospects in mature and frontier basins. Meaning that the speakers are asked to avoid explaining the technology in detail. Rather, the conference committee urges them to demonstrate better data quality and imaging by using examples from real cases.

Graeme Bagley from Westwood Global Energy opens the show with a retrospective look: “30 Years of Advances in Exploration Technology and Geoscience» and is followed by Erling Vågnes, representing Equinor, who will review “Exploration Challenges on the NCS and Potential Contributions from Technology“.


All-round explorationists with a need to get updated on recent advances in exploration technology (geochemistry, geophysics, digitalization).

The programme.