New technology to identify fracture networks availableMiddle East Case Study PixStarTM. Source: Halliburton

New technology to identify fracture networks available

Halliburton released PixStar High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Service, a new LWD technology that provides real-time images of the borehole to help operators identify fractures, improve wellbore stability and optimize completion design.

When drilling in oil-based mud, operators often lack high-quality images to make informed decisions about their fracturing and completion programs, Halliburton writes in a press release.

The PixStar™ high-resolution ultrasonic imaging service is a logging-while-drilling (LWD) service that assesses borehole sizes and shapes in real-time, providing high-resolution acoustic amplitude images in oil- and water-based mud.

According to Halliburton, the service enhances reservoir understanding of fractures, faults, and lithological features to help operators gain greater wellbore coverage and maximize their asset value.

The benefits are said to be many, including but not limited to, real-time evaluation of borehole size and shape for consistency, real-time acoustic amplitude images enabling porosity steering and geosteering, high-resolution images identify fractures, faults, and geological features to help optimize frac programs. The tool has already been used in Texas and the Middle East with positive  results.

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