Magseis Fairfield secures large OBN MC survey

Magseis Fairfield secures large OBN MC survey

The Magseis Fairfield Multi-Client team has secured a large MC program in a key location.

The dataset gathered from this program will set a new standard for exploration seismic, both in terms of acquisition and data processing.

“This is a joint project that we will conduct in partnership with a large renowned seismic player. This project is Phase 1 of a multi-year campaign and will be acquired by the crew currently operating our ZNodal technology in Qatar. We will use a warm crew that has performed very well, so we are ready to cover a large area during the 2020 season,” says Per Helge Semb, Manager Multi-Client.

“The project represents a leap toward establishing ourselves as a Multi-Client player. We see great potential and industry interest in large, high quality OBN surveys. And with the largest inventory of nodes and our efficient handling systems, we are well positioned to capture this market”, says André Bjørvik, SVP Multi-Client.

Without revealing the location of the survey area, the Magseis Fairfield MC team is confident this survey is in a prime location with a great deal of activity and high potential for future hydrocarbon discoveries.

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