GeoStreamer X Viking Graben

GeoStreamer X Viking Graben

Full integrity PSDM data from the 2019 PGS GeoStreamer X acquisition program in the Lille Prinsen area of the Viking Graben is now available.

The highly prolific Viking Graben has seen spectacular exploration successes over the last decades and is to date a coveted area with multiple proven and partially stacked plays covering Eocene Grid sands to Zechstein carbonates and fractured/weathered basement.

The exploration target richness, however, also introduces multiple subsurface imaging challenges. These range from shallow subsurface channels and glacial features, Tertiary low velocity anomalies and high velocity sand injectites (V-brights), to multiple contamination in the polygonal faulted Paleogene and below the high impedance rugose Chalk.

The 2019 program has delivered impressive results as shown in the foldout figure below, and the results from the 2020 acquisition campaign to the north over the Balder/Ringhorne area are eagerly awaited. Fast-track data from the 2020 survey will be ready early October 2020, and the full integrity processing in June 2021.

For more technical details on the acquisition of this survey, please read the article in the latest edition of GEO (nr.6, Energi & Ressurser).

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