Finding the hard-to-find treasuresIdentifying injectites in the field is no challenge compared to offshore. Photo: Frode Karlsen, Aker BP

Finding the hard-to-find treasures

DIGEX 2021: Be sure to attend this case study presentation on how to increase your chances of finding injectite sands.

Injectites have a notoriously unpredictable geometry and are hard to identify precise in seismic sections. How can this be a good thing?

Applying the “glass half full” mindset, injectites thus represent valuable under-explored targets that might be located near infrastructure in mature basins.

Still, the challenge to find them remains.

In a talk at the DIGEX 2021 conference, Theresia Citraningtyas from Earth Science Analytics (ESA) will present a case study (ESA and Lundin Energy Norway) from the Northern North Sea which may enlighten eager explorationists searching for these plentiful yet-to-find treasures.

Using data from 400 wells, machine learning was applied in the case study to map the 3D structure of injectites and faults. Citraningtyas will also present a potential workflow to further de-risk injectite prospects by incorporating cutting images and integrate reservoir characterization.