Finding missed paySATLOG ©Searcher Geoservices

Finding missed pay

Searcher Geoservices has developed a completely new analysis method to detect traces of oil and gas on existing well data.

The analysis method has been named SATLOG, and virtually all wells on the Norwegian shelf have now been analyzed.

The method is described in GEO 02/2019 and will be explained with examples on the forthcoming conference “NCS Exploration – Recent Advances in Exploration Technology” in Fornebu, Oslo, May 21-22.

“The findings are, to say the least, startling”, says Jan Gunnar Opsal, General Manager with Searcher Geoservices.

Referring to the line shown in GEO, 4 of the wells are classified as dry, but the analysis shows that they are not. Every one of them has traces of hydrocarbons, and according to Searcher Geoservices there have been found traces in different formations.

“This can – of course – be of great importance,” says Opsal.

“The main point of SATLOG is that the information should be easily accessible and that the companies can easily use the analysis in their analyses of translated zones with hydrocarbons, prospects, migration etc.,” … concludes Jan Gunnar Opsal.

NCS Exploration 2019, May 21-22, Fornebu: Recent Advances in Petroleum Exploration