Discover your hidden depths at LR’s Technology Day

Discover your hidden depths at LR’s Technology Day

Discover how your insights and intuition can be enhanced further with the right technology to deliver a better understanding of reservoir management.

*As the oil and gas industry emerges from the dip and begins to rebuild and develop once again, the skills and experience of seasoned professionals will increasingly count for so much more. This is particularly true as the great ‘crew change’ unfolds with an aging workforce retiring or close to retiring. For operators, the impact on the organisation’s knowledge capital is an additional pressure alongside the commercial and economic realities. These challenges inevitably compel more collaborative working. Efficiency is the new watchword as operators look to sustain growth, despite the uncertainty. Yet the success of any collaborative effort is only as effective as the individual contribution. In that petrophysicists’ and geologists have a significant contribution to make.

Collaboration inevitably extends beyond teams of individuals. It embraces and utilises software and digital platforms to allow informed decisions to be made. The latest software is designed to increase efficiencies through smart and robust workflows whilst being intuitive and easy to use. There’s more to finding and exploiting reservoirs than meets the eye. Petrophysicists and geologists draw heavily on their intuition to uncover hidden insights. Whether it’s a sixth sense or the culmination of years of knowledge and experience, it contributes to a better understanding of reservoir management.

Lloyd’s Register’s (LR) technology day looks to explore how these insights and intuition could be enhanced further with the right technology. LR know there’s more to petrophysics and geology than meets the eye. LR passionately believes that the right technology can not only support collaborative working but also draw out the hidden skills and knowledge. Join LR in Stavanger on 20 March or Oslo on 21st March. Meet other like-minded professionals and discover the shared insights.

AJAY NAWATHE, Lloyd’s Register
Head, Global Demand, Digital Products