Artificial intelligence and the worldKimberly Lein-Mathisen, General Manager Microsoft Norway

Artificial intelligence and the world

Microsoft Norway’s general manager Kimberly Lein-Mathisen is one of the speakers at #DigEx 2019.

#DigEx 2019– The Digital Subsurface conference hosted by Geopublishing takes place in Oslo on Januray 30-31. Kimberly Lein-Mathiesen from Microsoft Norway will present a keynote in the session about Digital perspectives on day 2. The keynote will address “AI and the World – AI’s impact on business, leadership and society”.

In the same session Guido van der Hoff, Data Analytics and Cloud business owner from Schlumberger will speak about “A new data ecosystem that empowers a cognitive environment for Exploration & Production”.

In the current E&P business environment, being able to rapidly react and target opportunities in a very competitive market is critical. Those companies who can integrate and quickly analyse all available data and information will be able to make far more informed decisions, faster, to help create and sustain a competitive advantage when reviewing market opportunities. Guido van der Hoff will explain how Schlumberger’s own data ecosystem will empower a cognitive E&P environment where trusted high-quality data are always available and how it delivers a unified data environment that encompasses all data across all domains.

For the full programme see here.