“Another surprising well”

While exploration benefits from a continuous stream of incremental developments in technology, explorationists are faced with a continuous stream of surprises.

There is certainly no doubt that the quality of both imaging and de-risking has improved tremendously through 50+ years of exploration on the NCS.  

Nevertheless, the industry has a long way to go to improve the success ratio. Technology is part of the solution. This is why it is of great importance so learn from the past. 

In Stig Morten Knudsens keynote on the first day of the NCS-exploration conference (“Recent Advances in Exploration Technology”, Scandic Fornebu, May 21-22), he will share his thoughts on how technology affected the drilling of wells that have been classified as “surprising”The Most Suprising Wells on the NCS – and their relationship with the use of advanced technology. 

Following this intriguing introduction to the conference, Erling Vågnes of Equinor will give a talk entitled Exploration Challenges on the NCS and Potential Contributions from Technology. 

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NCS Exploration 2019, May 21-22, Fornebu: Recent Advances in Petroleum Exploration