10 000 votes – so farThe Exploration Innovation Prize 2019 will be awarded at NCS Exploration May 21.

10 000 votes – so far

The first milestone is reached. More than 10 000 votes have been cast in order to promote candidates for the Exploration Innovation Prize 2019.

The Exploration Innovation Prize is awarded a license group, company, team or person who during the last two years have given a courageous and innovative technological contribution in exploration for oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf.

According to the statutes, “the recipient has matured and exploration technology with high potential leading to increased G&G knowledge or future commercial oil & gas discoveries”.

The geoscience community is engaged, as of Monday, April 30, 10 000 votes had been cast.

Voting results and all candidates are presented here.


The venue: The 2019 NCS Exploration Conference is held at Cambro-Silurian shales and carbonates that belong to the world famous “Oslofeltet” that have many similarities with the North Sea. On the first day of the conference, Morten Bergan will guide participants through 120 million years of Earth history.
Photo: Halfdan Carstens