Up to 90 MMboe in FogelbergFogelberg @Spirit Energy

Up to 90 MMboe in Fogelberg

Spirit Energy Norge AS has completed the drilling of appraisal wells 6506/9-4 S and 6506/9-4 A on the gas and condensate discovery 6506/9-2 S (Fogelberg).
The discovery was proven in multiple levels in Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks in the Ile and Garn formations in 2010. Before the two appraisal wells were drilled, the operator’s resource estimate for the discovery was between 4 and 15 million standard cubic metres (Sm3) of recoverable oil equivalents (o.e.).
The objective of well 6506/9-4 S was to reduce the uncertainty associated with the reservoir quality and resource estimate for the Garn and Ile formations in the Fogelberg discovery.
The well encountered an approx. 60-metre gas column in the Garn formation in sandstone with poor to moderate reservoir quality. About 70 metres of sandstone with poor or no reservoir quality and with high water saturation were encountered in the underlying Ile formation. No gas/water contact was encountered.
The objective of well 6506/9-4 A was to conduct a formation test in the Garn formation in the part of the structure where the production wells will be placed. An approx. 55-metre gas column in sandstone with poor reservoir quality was encountered in the Garn formation. A gas column of about 65 metres, of which 56 metres were in sandstone with poor reservoir quality, was encountered in the Ile formation. Both wells were terminated in the Tofte formation in Middle/Lower Jurassic.
Extensive volumes of data and samples have been collected from the wells, including a successful formation test in 6506/9-4 A. The maximum production rate from the formation test in the Garn formation was 570 000 Sm3 gas and 80 Sm3 condensate per flow day through a 36/64-inch nozzle opening, and the flow properties were moderate.
The preliminary estimation of the size of the discovery following the appraisal wells is between 7 and 14 million Sm3 of recoverable oil equivalents.
The licensees are planning to develop the discovery as a subsea development tied-in to the Åsgard B facility.
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