Welcome to two days of in-depth geoscienceA good reservoir? Devonian sandstones and conglomerates, Crovie, Scotland.

Welcome to two days of in-depth geoscience

This week’s NCS Exploration – Recent advances in Exploration Technology conference is key to learn about all what is happening in the Norwegian exploration space.

Starting today, two days of talks, discussions and networking will allow you to get up to speed with all that is happening with regards to new technologies enabling us to better understand the subsurface.

Register for the NCS Exploration Conference – Recent Advances in Exploration Technology now and enjoy the flexibility to tune in to the presentations at any convenient time up to the 10th of June in case you cannot allocate two full days to the conference in one go. Delegates packages are still available, and if you are not sure how many of your colleagues would like to participate, we can issue a registration code which allows us to summarize the number of attendees after the conference, and invoice accordingly.

As always, the main aim of the conference is to disseminate and discuss latest technologies and case studies, such as the Blasto discovery recently announced by Equinor where 4D seismic played a key role in de-risking the prospect.

The Blasto find will also be put into perspective by Kristina Helland-Hansen from Equinor who will discuss the journey of the company that has now led to a string four discoveries in a row in the Fram area. It is definitely a ship that never sinks!

In addition to great technical talks, there will be the award of the Exploration Innovation Prize, an evening event and to keep all minds focused, a quiz with questions put together by the organising committee that solely consists of young people from an array of different companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

So, make your way to the website, register and see you in the platform!