Webinar announcement: Fault CompartmentsPhoto from: FORCE

Webinar announcement: Fault Compartments

The Force Structural Network Group invites you to a two day webinar on fault seal and fault compartments from exploration to late life production.

Understanding the subsurface and placing exploration and production targets optimally remains of upmost importance in the current economic markets.

Faults play an important role in the definition of traps, often compartmentalizing simple structures into more complex ones. Faults can influence migration into, leakage out of and sealing hydrocarbons inside compartments over geological and production time scales. During the webinar afternoons, we explore the following topics to strengthen our understanding:

  • Fault compartment case histories from oil and gas production
  • Fault seal and leakage in CO2 storage
  • Calibration of fault seal predictions
  • Fault geometries, densities, and compartments
  • Fault geometries and compartments from outcrop and seismic

When: 14-15 April, 13.00 – 16.00 hrs CET, Teams

If you have an interesting story to share: Please submit a short abstract with title and about 10 lines of summary to turidanita.knudsen@repsol.com.

Call for Abstract- Deadline March 15th

Register for the event here.

Please be aware that case histories and non-commercial technical presentations will be prioritized.