Rønnevik awarded with The Order of St. OlavHans Christen Rønnevik, Exploration Manager at Lundin Norway. Source: Photo: Lundin Norway

Rønnevik awarded with The Order of St. Olav

The King of Norway, Harald V, has appointed Hans Christen Rønnevik, Exploration Manager at Lundin Norway, as 1st Class Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav.

The decoration will be presented during an event at Lundin’s headquarters in Oslo, Tuesday 20th of August 2019, at 4.30 pm.

Hans Christen Rønnevik has been a part of the industry since the very beginning of this unique oil fairy-tale. He drew the first shelf maps at what was then called the Oil Office, and in the 70s, he prepared the first estimate of total resources on the Norwegian shelf.

He has personally provided a substantial contribution to the foundation of the Snørre delineation, Vigdis, Borg and the Kristin and Lavrans discoveries in the 80s and 90s.

In 2004, Rønnevik and exploration team at Lundin believed that the Utsira High in the North Sea had vast potential. Drilling and exploration had been taking place here since well number three on the Norwegian shelf, with no particular success. But then, Lundin Norway found Edvard Grieg in 2007.

Rønnevik shows two photos of seismic data, and points to the one that clearly has the lowest resolution.

“This is the photo we had when we came to the conclusion. The difference between these two photos is NOK 500 million in new technology. What we see here is that the concepts and success are driving the technology – and rarely the reverse. You have to be willing to make decisions at an early stage. We always have to make room for good ideas, but these ideas often have to come before the technology.”

Seismic sections over Edvard Grieg discovery. Source: Lundin

This was the start of the most important chapter in modern Norwegian petroleum history: the giant Johan Sverdrup comes on stream this year. With expected resources totalling 2.2 – 3.2 Bbls of oil, this field is among the largest on the Norwegian shelf.

“Johan Sverdrup probably wouldn’t have been discovered in 2010, had it not been for the breakthrough with Edvard Grieg in 2007. This laid the foundation for a deeper geological understanding of the Utsira High,” says Rønnevik.

The Order of St. Olav

The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav is awarded as “a reward for excellent profits for Norway and humanity”.

The Order of St. Olav was established by King Oscar I in 1847. His Majesty the King is the Grand Master of the Order. Apart from royal members and head of state, the Order of St. Olav is only granted to Norwegians today.

The order is named after our saint-king, Olav the Holy One, and is divided into five classes:

  • Grand Cross
  • Commander with star
  • Commander
  • 1st class Knight
  • Knight

Among our very first petroleum geologists

“They were among the country’s very first oil geologists. After finding the giant Johan Sverdrup, they were almost national celebrities. The success is due to a CAREFUL strategy based on KNOWLEDGE of the E&P cycle as well as SOLID experience from the Norwegian continental shelf” – GEO 03/2013: Geologer med teft.