Petroleum Group transitions to Energy Group

Petroleum Group transitions to Energy Group

In a drive to better reflect the diversification of the energy mix, the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society of London is broadening its remit to become the Energy Group.

Expronews spoke to Caroline Gill, who chairs the committee of volunteers running the Energy Group. “There was broad consensus that we needed to respond to the direction in which Geoscience is diversifying in the energy supply landscape,” she says.

Caroline adds: “In addition, people working in industries like geothermal and carbon capture, utilisation and storage, who are geoscientists, currently do not have an affinity with any of the specialist groups in the society. We feel that with the transition to the Energy Group, we can engage more actively with geoscientists working in the full lifecycle of energy provision to society today and in the future.”

The Energy Group is actively looking for fellows and candidate fellows of the Geological Society to join the committee. Find more information how to join click here.

The Energy group is run by a committee drawing on participants from industry and academia. It was launched on the back of the North Sea oil and gas sector that grew rapidly in the 1970’s. The committee organises an Annual Dinner, makes several awards rewarding individual contributions to excellence in Energy Geoscience  and organises a wide array of technical conferences.

“Our conference agenda will also reflect the broadening of our remit,” Caroline says, “with a Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage event lined up for late 2021.” At the same time, the Energy Group will continue to organise conferences within the petroleum geology realm, and continue to represent geoscientists working in this still important sector.

The Energy Group is a key part of the activities of the Geological Society, with more than 2,500 Fellows being members of the Group. The Group’s events generate important revenue for the Society, thereby allowing a range of outreach activities to be organised.