News costs

News costs

We work daily to disseminate news from all industries where geoscientific knowledge is crucial for the business. But everything has its price, and it is probably not unreasonable for readers to contribute.

You can log in or register as a subscriber now! From May 1st, we will start putting news items behind a paywall. From then onwards, it will be required to have your own user account to read the news.

Our costs are only related to technical solutions, editorial work and some administration. Overall, however, this has been more than what we have managed to bring in through ad sales. Therefore, we now find ourselves in the position to ask the readership for a contribution to enable us to carry out the reporting we put a lot of effort in.

Not all articles will be behind a payment wall, so it will still be possible to follow some of the news.

The cost of subscriptions is by no means exclusive, and we have discounts for associations and companies that enter into agreements for their members or employees.



A subscription for an individual on either or costs 400 NOK per year (£35/year or EUR 40/year). A subscription for both websites together comes in at a discounted price of 500 NOK per year.

Those of our readers who already subscribe to GEO will have access to both sites. You can log in with your email address or username. Your username is the name your subscription is in. If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to