A conference as you never saw it before

A conference as you never saw it before

Filming continued this week to ensure a smooth delivery of the NCS Exploration Conference next week.

The NCS Exploration – Recent Discoveries Conference will be held October 14-15. This year the conference will be digital.

To ensure a seamless broadcast of the conference, we started recording the panel discussions and the technical lectures in Stavanger at the end of September. This week, technicians, speakers and parts of the program committee travelled to Fornebu in Oslo to continue the recordings.

The digital solution this year means large savings for the participating companies, as expenses for accommodation and travel are not required. In addition, the conference packages are put together so that each company can buy conference passes in groups.

The more employees who participate, the lower the price per participant.

The conference is designed so that interpersonal interaction continues. There are several functions to ensure that all participants can communicate with both other participants and the speakers, with the exhibitors and with the conference sponsors.

Also, people will be able to immediately discuss learnings with their exploration peers in the same company, if exploration teams come together to watch the presentations.

If you miss out on talk, content will be available for a while after the event, ensuring that people get the most out of it.