UKCS: The Race is OnUKCS 32nd Offshore Licensing Map. Source: OGA

UKCS: The Race is On

OGA in UK launched the 32nd offshore licensing round, covering 768 blocks across “mature” areas in the Central, Northern and Southern North Sea and West of Shetland.

With only eight wells drilled in 2018, and a slight increase in 2019 of 10 to 15 wells to be drilled, UK’s Oil and Gas Exploration needs a jump-start, as last year the industry hit its lowest levels since 1960.

Along the 768 blocks, the OGA is offering data packages to bidding companies to encourage exploration and new drilling on the UKCS. These packages are part of the government-funded UKCS Petroleum Systems Project, the largest public database for the region. The massive data release has involved collaboration with 11 companies, including operators and third-party specialists. It includes both UKCS-wide and more regionally-focused data packs and reports

It is also offering the largest publicly available geochemical database for the UKCS, representing over 90,000 geochemical samples from more than 2,700 wells. Other significant data sets include the open release of the Southern North Sea (SNS) Seismic Megasurvey which includes around 23,000 km2 of 3D post-stack seismic data; and a rock-physics study focused on the pre-Cretaceous prospectivity of the Central North Sea and East Shetland Basin.

The data sets are being made available through the UK National Data Repository (NDR) and the OGA Website.

The deadline to apply is November 12 2019, with awards expected in Q2 of 2020.

Companies also have the opportunity to propose additional blocks in adjacent areas, for possible inclusion where applicants intend to commit to a substantial work programme. In this case, proposals should be made to the OGA until July 18 2019.