UKCS: Rhum Out of Round Licence RoundNew blocks offered by the OGA. Source: OGA

UKCS: Rhum Out of Round Licence Round

On August 1st, a restricted “out of round” offering has been made for 3/24c and 3/29c blocks, around the Northern North Sea Rhum Field.

Interested companies can send their applications via the Petroleum License Applications Repository (LARRY) system on the Energy Portal and follow the normal Licensing Round application process.

The offer is open for 90 days, closing on October 30, 2019, with decisions expected in 4Q 2019.

Block 3/24c is in close vicinity to the Total’s Nuggets field, a subsea development in the Northern North Sea, part of the Greater Alwyn area, consisting of 5 gas wells with 40 – 70 km tie-back to the Alwyn platform.

The Rhum gas field located in block 3/29a, 44 km north of Bruce, is a subsea development tied back to the Bruce platform via an insulated pipeline. Serica Energy assumed operatorship of Bruce (98% interest), Keith (100% interest) and Rhum (50% interest) from BP, following a transaction in 2018. Collectively, these assets are estimated to contain net 2P reserves of 56.9 MMboe (>80% gas).

Bruce, Keith & Rhum fields. Source: Serica Energy

According to Serica, Rhume is a high pressure /high-temperature gas accumulation in the North Viking Graben, characterised by a high-quality reservoir displaying “tank” features. The Rhum reservoir consists of fine-grained Upper Jurassic turbidite sands deposited over a tilted fault block. The produced gas has an H2S content of 10-20 ppm and CO2 content of 4-8.5%, and as such is classified as both ‘sour’ and corrosive.