UKCS: Found oil close to RosebankSiccar Point Energy has taken its name from the world famous Siccar Point in Scotland. By dave souza,

UKCS: Found oil close to Rosebank

Siccar Point Energy has found both oil and gas in small quantities north of their own Cambo field north-west of Shetland.

Siccar Point Energy has completed drilling the Blackrock exploration well 204/5b-2 in the West of Shetland.

The target of the well was the intravolcanic Paleocene Flett reservoirs of the Colsay Member which lie on-trend with equivalent oil filled sandstones in the Rosebank field.

The well encountered a 34m gross package of intra-volcanic siliciclastic sediments which contained a number of thin oil-bearing sandstones from which oil samples were obtained.

Gas was also encountered in the overlying Hildasay supravolcanic Member.

The well has thus proven the existence of intra-volcanic charged reservoirs between the Cambo and Rosebank fields, and Jonathan Roger, CEO of Siccar Point, is “very encouraged by the good result”.

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