The smoking gunHighly experienced petroleum system analysts will shed light on the Baretns Sea source rock enigma.

The smoking gun

Make sure you don’t miss this session if you are the one that wants to make the next oil and gas discovery in the Barents Sea.

Raise your hand if you want to find the next Skrugard, Alta, Gotha or Goliat field in the Barents Sea!

Or – even better – join the crowd and take part in a two hours long session about the source rock enigmas in the Barents Sea.

For the first time, Idar Horstad, Rolando de Primio (both Lundin Norway) and Daniel Stoddart (GeoEight AS), have put together a group of geoscientists that have more than 300 years (!) combined of experience looking for oil and gas, and who – not the least – have had crucial impact on the generation of countless prospects on the NCS.

Wednesday, May 21, Fornebu/Oslo, at 11.00

– During the panel discussion, we will incorporate questions and feedback from the audience, adding thousands of years of experience to the panel, says Rolando de Primio.

The focus of the discussion will be on known and potential petroleum systems in the Greater Loppa area, he ads.

Key questions are:

  • where were known petroleum resources generated?
  • how did they charge the reservoirs? and
  • how did they survive the complex uplift phase?

Hopefully, this session will provide a good foundation for new and innovative ideas in order to make the next discovery on the Greater Loppa area.

Integration of established and novel technologies and data types to better understand charge, uplift and preservation of hydrocarbons and implications for further exploration in the Barents Sea will be discussed.

The Exploration Innovation Prize 2019