The Race is ON

The Race is ON

The NPD announced today the available areas/blocks for the 2019 APA, with the deadline set for August 27th. 

In the APA 2019, the predefined area has been expanded by a total of 90 blocks – five in the North Sea, 37 in the Norwegian Sea and 48 in the Barents Sea.

The extension is justified by the need for effective exploration of larger parts of the NCS and the Barents Sea. Companies can use their arsenal of modern interpretation tool and technologies that will create value and expand portfolios.

Rule is that blocks or parts of blocks that become available less than 3 months prior to the application deadline, cannot be applied for. Relinquished area is included on a continuous basis in the predefined area on the NPD’s interactive Factmap, and maps covering the final area that can be applied for will be provided as soon as practically possible. So, keep an eye on the updated maps.

Map of the area available for APA 2019 as per May 29.

North Sea APA 2019: Illustration: NPD

Norwegian Sea APA 2019: Illustration: NPD

Barents Sea APA 2019: Illustration: NPD